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1 16th July 05:18
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Default Gas Grill - Propane tank making funny noise

Hello all,
I've been a lurker here for quite a while, but I finally have a
question. I just bought myself a Weber Genesis Silver B (based on so
many recommendations that I saw in this group). This is my first time
using propane (I have always used lump charcoal on my smoker). On my
first day using the grill, right after hooking up the propane and
firing up the grill, there was a humming noise at the tank, kinda like
something is blocking the flow. But it went away and I assumed all was
well. Well, it came back today. I don't think it's anything to be
concerned about, but I want to make sure. Any ideas.

Thanks in advance for your comments.
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2 16th July 05:18
edwin pawlowski
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Default Gas Grill - Propane tank making funny noise

Probably the gas passing through the OPD vale inside the tank. This is
floating near the top at the outlet. Sometimes they do block the flow and
you have to shut it off, wait 15 seconds, then slowly turn it back on. This
only happens when the tank is near full.
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3 16th July 05:18
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Default Gas Grill - Propane tank making funny noise

First let me say, always be careful with gas. Do all of the checks to make
sure there are not leaks etc.

The sound you are hearing is most likely the diaphragms in the regulator
vibrating. It is known to do this when the outside temp contrasts the
cooling effect of the expanding gas. It will do this some days (usually warm
humid days) and not on others. If it bothers you (does me) try this:

turn off the control knobs, (on the grill)
turn off the gas tank,
disconnect the line from the tank
open the control knobs (on the grill)
wait 10-15 min.
turn control knobs off
reconnect tank
open tank valve very slowly (so as not to trip the safety shut-off)
turn on front burner and light.
Of course do all this with the cover up!

you may need to repeat a few times to get it to stop.

This is also the procedure you use if the safety valve in the regulator gets
tripped. It will do this if you open the tank valve quickly with the control
knobs on the grill open. The sudden rush of gas will trip it sometimes.

It's explained in the manual you should have received with the grill.


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