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1 16th May 01:30
External User
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Default 93 Ranger 4L A4LD transmission hesitates..vacuum?

At a stop, I have to rev my engine either in neutral and shift into
drive to get the tranny to engage, or rev it in drive and try to let
off the gas before it slams into 1st. Then it misses the shift into
2nd until I either do the reving thing again, or wait about 4 seconds
for it to shift on its own. I had a tranny shop replace the modulator,
and that helped for an hour (apparently there was some fluid in the
vacuum line). I know I have a crack in some hose in the top of my gas
tank for two, it will not pass the emissions vacuum
test, and two, the one time I topped off my tank leaked from what
appeared to be above the tank for a cupful. So, I am wondering, if not
having proper vacuum in the gas tank can be causing my transmission
vacuum problem, and possibly slight performance problems. The problem
has gotten slowly worse, but I do not drive much. If I drive for half
hour the shifting problem sometimes goes away. Advice?
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2 16th May 01:30
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Default 93 Ranger 4L A4LD transmission hesitates..vacuum?

Sounds like a failing transmission to me. Even with no vacuum, it should
engage without reving the engine.
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3 16th May 03:10
External User
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Default 93 Ranger 4L A4LD transmission hesitates..vacuum?

I have the same transmission in a '91 Explorer. I've had good luck adding
Lucas Transmission Fix. I've already had the trans replaced once.

I also had a leak on my fill tube going to the gas tank. After a little
investigation I found a hole in the rubber hose and patched it. It did not,
however, effect the performance of my Explorer.
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4 16th May 06:45
External User
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Default 93 Ranger 4L A4LD transmission hesitates..vacuum?

Ok after doing some research. I see that your transmission uses a standard
simpson gear set which means that it sounds like your pump is having some
issues. The 1st gear issue would be slow application of the front clutch
pack, and the second gear issue would be slow application of the rear servo.
This means that you probably have low line pressures or your transmission
needs rebuilt badly. I would take it to your local tranny shop and tell them
you are still having the issue, and see if they have a way to dyno test your
transmission. This way they can control the load and see the line pressures
as the transmission runs. It will also give them clutch and servo apply
times to help diagnose what is going on. On that note, transmissions are
very tricky to diagnose, and I am by far no expert, and without a clutch
apply chart to tell me what is applying and what is releasing then I cant
say for sure what is going on in there. But it does sound like the synch on
this transmission is all out of wack.

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5 16th May 09:11
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Default 93 Ranger 4L A4LD transmission hesitates..vacuum?

My problem continues. I don't know crap about cars, but I now believe
I may have three issues converging to cause poor A4LD performance.
First, I think my vacuum system is somehow compromised, causing the
vacuum diaphram to perform poorly. It is my assumption that by revving
the engine, I build vacuum and allow any small vacuum leak problem or
transmission fluid in the vacuum modulator line to be cleared. Somehow
there may be a leak or blockage in the vacuum block on the engine that
all the lines are connected to, or a crack in a vacuum line effecting
all vacuum performance? As mentioned before, I also know there is a
crack in some line coming out of the top on my gas tank because once
when I toped off gas came out from above the tank (apparently from
there at least). Second, my engine is not performing optimally for
unknown reasons....may need a tune, could be the vacuum, but last week
I added some fuel injector and carb cleaner and have been using premium
gas, and I notice a slight increase in performance. But, after I drive
for half an hour, the shifting problem pretty much goes away. Also,
last week I loaded a 300 lb anvil in the rear of my truck bed, and
performance seemed to improve on the drive home. So I thought maybe
whatever recognizes load (computerized?) may be at fault. And finally,
while I am driving in fourth gear at over 40 I hear a slight whirring
while accelerating, which goes away when I let off the gas, which is
either the tranny or a vacuum leak.
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6 16th May 09:11
External User
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Default 93 Ranger 4L A4LD transmission hesitates..vacuum?

Since you are self proclaimed novice on cars. I would STRONGLY suggest you
take your car to a shop and let someone else diagnose the issue. If the shop
is NOT test driving your car before they start diagnosis, then you need to
take it to someone else. Also, if they are not fully listening to your
complaint, take it somewhere else. There are 2 parts to a good technician.
1. that he listens to the customer fully, and 2. that he knows his trade and
is ASE certified for the issue that you are complaining about. If you think
you have a vacuum leak, then you can find it by cutting off a piece of hose
(3/8" diameter should work fine) and put one end up to your ear and move the
other end around the engine while it is running. You will hear what sounds
like a slight whistle or air rushing through a small hole, that is your
vacuum leak. Use a piece of tape to mark the vacuum leaks as you find them,
then turn the vehicle off, and fix the leaks, ONE AT A TIME. Replace the
hoses/Tees as necessary till you have fixed all the leaks, and then start
the vehicle back up and see if you have fixed all the leaks. The leak on the
top of your fuel tank sounds to me like the vacuum like that hooks up to the
carbon canister. This canister is supposed to neutralize all the fumes in
the air being pulled from the gas tank, if this is leaking, that can also
cause a vacuum leak. I hope this helps, but again I urge you to take it to a
shop, this sounds like it might be over your head because of the
transmission issues. They are complex, and hard to diagnose.
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