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1 6th September 04:34
a.pismo clam
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Default Dish-Network: Best Deal? COSTCO!

The best deal I found was at Costco. We got 1-811 HD receiver in the
living room, 1-522 DVR for the master BR, which controls the tv in the
kids room. We subscribed to the America's "Everything Pak", for $82.99.

If you're not already a COSTCO member, you can join for $25.

We lease the receivers, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses, other
than the $35.00 for the "certificate" you buy at Costco.

We did this last December, but I see that Costco [here in San Diego]
still offers Dish Network.

The only caveat/complaint I have was with the installation.

We had a 15 year old, 13" Toshiba tv in the kids room. When Dish was
installed, my wife complained about the dreadful picture. She was told
that if we updated the tv, the picture quality would improve. We didn't
update the tv until last month. The standard, 480i picture on the brand
new Mitsubishi LCD tv is still below the quality of the Sony WEGA tv in
the master BR.

I will entertain any suggestions on how to improve the picture quality,
if you'd care to offer helpful suggestions...

I called C/S and was told that an additional charge of $100 would apply
for a service call. The #12 gauge ground wire was spliced together
"mickey mouse" fashion from the dish to the outdoor water pipe.

Little things to be sure, but none the less disappointing.

All in all, we are pleased with the D/N programming content and the
COSTCO deal. Love the Discover HD nature/science programming! BTW, if
your a sports fan, HD is the only way to watch them, whether OTA or with
the box.

Lastly, I would suggest that, if at all possible, a knowledgable member
of the household be present during the install. Check everything until
you are satisfied. Have yout tv's "upgraded" BEFORE you call for the
install, unless you are more tech savy than I...

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