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1 21st September 16:54
ron g
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Default Allergy to Baby Powder?


I've never had a reaction to Baby Powder before (I am 65).

For the first time in a year or two, I put some baby powder on me because of
some chafing.
Since I was standing, some must have fallen on the top of my bare feet.

Within about 5 hours, a rash started on the tops of both feet, about the
size of a 50 cent piece. Burning feeling also.

Within a day, the rash was the size of the entire top of each foot.
The next day, it went to the sides of each foot.
The 3rd day, it started up each ankle about 3 inches.
Thousands of pimples on the white skin, even "water" type blisters on top of
my toes, some breaking.

Then, it started disappearing gradually. By day 8, it is almost gone.

The GP was going to cancel my upcoming surgery to remove another
Kidney/Bladder stent, because it was so bad.
Now at least, I can go through the day surgery, as it is getting better.

It seems like I am getting allergies suddenly in the last 5 years,
especially the last year. My system seems to be changing, but I have had so
many medical traumas, I guess all the shock does have an effect.

I have never heard of a Baby Powder allergy. Has anyone?


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2 21st September 16:55
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Default Allergy to Baby Powder?

Hi Ron,

Yes, it is possible to develop an allergy to baby powder. You seem to have had
a bad one. I'm glad their able to go ahead with the surgery.

I started developing allergies about 15 years ago and now have sensitivities
too many things, too.

Good luck with your surgery,
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