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1 6th March 04:49
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Default Pinching in Breast

I'm not sure that this is the correct newsgroup to research my problem
but I'm open for suggestions about other resources available.

My left breast has a painful pinching sensation just below the nipple.
My Gynecologist examined the area shortly (one week) after the pain
began about one month ago. She didn't see anything and didn't have any
suggestions other than "Let's see if it goes away as quickly as it came"
.. It's still there. It's not getting worse or better. It's like there
was a small splinter in my breasts and is only tender to the touch.

Now I'm traveling and not sure how to address the problem. There's
nothing on my breast to see with the ***** eye.

Any suggestions?


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2 6th March 04:50
tim jackson
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Default Pinching in Breast

That splinter feeling sounds like something to do with a hair follicle. But
if there is no inflammation or lump or heat or anything except sensitivity I
don't know what you can do about it. If it persists I'd keep pestering the

Tim Jackson
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3 6th March 15:41
sandy l
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Default Pinching in Breast

Do you land in one place long enough to gett a mammogram? It might have
to be ordered by a physician in whatever town you are in, but a
convenience or walk-in clinic could do that. You could have the results
sent to your physician at home. If there were a problem, she could
advise you on best course of action.
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4 6th March 15:41
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Default Pinching in Breast

Thanks for the response. Had a mammogram just 2 weeks prior to the start
of the problem.(no Problem found) I thought it may have been related to
the ball bearings but my Gynecologist checked the area. There is no
inflammation or any external signs of a problem.


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5 6th March 15:41
External User
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Default Pinching in Breast, 9 months before I was dx'd I had a 'normal' mammogram. Within days
(wk?) I noted a hardened area, almost above my breast--or at least high up on
it, towards the center. I thought it was a bruise or tissue damage caused by
the compression of that 'normal' mammogram. I showed my ob-gyn who flippantly
reminded me that my mammogram had been normal. I felt embarrassed for even
showing him 9 months later I woke in the middle of the night (wee hours of my
50th b'day) to a severe burning pain. 2 days later it ached--sort of reminded
me of a mastitis infection I had 15 yrs earlier while nursing my youngest
child. 10 days later I noticed a change in my nipple--on a Wed nt. and I was
leaving to go out-of-town to a work related conference at 5:00 a.m. I was not
able to get to a dr. until Monday--5 days later. Between the time I first
noted the change in nipple and saw the dr. (5 days), the nipple was changing
I had a new mammo the next Monday and had a core biopsy that day. The area
that was biopsied was that same hardened area that I noticed within days after
the mammogram. Before the results were in the surgeon was talking like it was
malignant (biopsy rept said highly suspicious of malignancy).
I was dx'd with stage II breast cancer. 3 weeks later I had a bilateral
mastectomy (bad family hx and type that was most likely to recur on other
side). It turned out that I had 3 different types of aggressive breast cancer
going on and later was re-staged (to stage III) although am not sure it wasn't
stage IV...I had 9 of 12 lymph nodes and extensive lymphovascular invasion.
I don't mean to scare you--each of us is different--but if you noted a change
soon after a mammogram and it persists, I would get it checked out. I had the
type of cancer that doesn't show up on mammograms until it is advanced. I had
many normal mammos before that--was getting them almost yearly for the past
several years. The mammogram didn't cause the cancer--but if there is a large
enough cancer there it does have the propensity to result in changing the
area/mass to something one can then feel.
From what you describe, I think it woud be a good idea to get a 2nd opinion
from a good breast surgeon. Perhaps an ultrasound or MRI or ? may be needed.
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