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1 12th September 16:51
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Default tooth breaks off month after root c****

After moving I went in to a new dentist because # 5 was hurting. He said it was
actually # 8 that was causing pain and needed a root c**** along with # 7 and
# 6 and # 5 actually would need to be pulled .

I had an uneasy feeling about all this and called to back out of the root
c****s and just go for pulling the painful tooth . But the dentist assured me
that this was the right and urgent thing that was necessary.

First appt he did RC on # 8 , which I should add had not bothered me in the
least, until after I had the RC. Then after it became sensitive to cold and
Plus # 5 still hurt but I maintained until next appt one month later. At this
one he did RC on # 7 and # 6 and pulled # 5.

One week later he filled 8 small cavities on these same teeth. Must have been
in back and very small because everything was clear on the front.

My mouth was inflamed and blistered for a month after that.

My teeth felt very strange after all this They felt bucked, if thats the right
word. Like their was more of an outward slant to them.

# 7 was definately longer than it had been and was now on the same line as #
8. The dentist said impossible. it is also thinner.

# 8 felt chalky and rough feeling on the back of the tooth.

The next move in the plan was to get a partial in the upper back but by this
time my intuition was screaming at me to put a halt on it and go to a

Two weeks later I was eating a piece of bread and when I took a bite I realized
that # 8 ( my front tooth) was just gone. It had broke off or dissolved off
right at the gumline straight across. I never felt it happen and I don't know
where it went.

The dentist said it had happenned because of the severe infection in that
And no he would not reimburse the $1400.00 I had just spent on this very tooth
because it wasn't his fault it was the tooths fault.
One week after the tooth disappeared the filling in the tooth next door fell
I havn't even bothered to tell him.

Seems to me it my front tooth could not have been that infected if I didn't
even feel any pain at all from it and I wasn't sensitive to cold or hot , that
is until after the RC . Now I can't even let an iced drink touch the front of
my teeth. I have to drink through a straw...

My husband kept telling me that I would have to have crowns on these teeth and
wanted to know if the price I was paying included crowns?

But the dentist had said nothing about crowns.
It wasn't in the plan he gave me on paper and the next move was partials and
then we were done.

When I asked Dr Denial later after it broke, why he had not put a crown on
this tooth he said that we were going to do that "as we had spoken of" in the
plan he had laid out.

But that was not true at all.

It broke off 4 months ago . I had to wait two and half months to get an
appointment with the specialist (which I do need with my drastic overbite)
just for the x-rays and another month and a half for my next appointment next
week to figure out what path to take and in the meantime I can't go anywhere. I
am on my own land locked because I am too self conscious to go about with a
hole in my face.
I just have to wait it out.

I havn't heard a peep of concern for my progress from Dr. Denial but you
better believe he crosses my mind first thing every morning. That is after I
wake and realize that no this is not a nightmare it's actually... true. Then he
crosses my mind.

I don't think this is fair.
Does anyone know why that tooth would break off like that?

My own suspicions are that maybe he didn't mix the stuff well enough that he
filled the holes with, maybe that's why it felt chalky and maybe there was too
much activity all at once in that area with the fillings also.
And where is the endo post that I paid $239.00 for? Wouldn't that help to hold
a tooth up?
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2 12th September 16:51
joel m. eichen d.d.s.
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Default tooth breaks off month after root c****

You need a total treatment plan and a contract to find out what is
included BEFORE treatment. Yes those teeth sometime break if the decay
is extensive!


Joel M. Eichen, .
Philadelphia PA



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is provided for information purposes
only and does not necessarily
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position of the SciMedDentistry gang
or any other official agency either
actual or fictitious or Steve Mancuso.

Advice on the treatment or care
of an individual patient should
be obtained through consultation
with a dentist who has examined
that patient or is familiar with
that patient's dental history.

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3 13th September 19:47
dr steve
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Default tooth breaks off month after root c****

Two and one half months between available appointments. Any one want to bet
against me? I bet $5 this is an HMO plan.

Dear DeDaCherry, There is no way to offer advice on your case specifically
without seeing you in person. There are too many possibilities this time.

Stephen Mancuso, D.D.S.
Troy, Michigan, USA
DrSteve Q
{change the center letter to "at" (and drop two spaces) for email}
.................................................. ...

This posting is intended for informational or conversational purposes only.
Always seek the opinion of a licensed dental professional before acting on
the advice or opinion expressed here. Only a dentist who has examined you
in person can diagnose your problems and make decisions which will affect
your health.
Please ignore j..d...


Then he



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