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1 26th September 11:37
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Default Pinched Nerve--Does it heal itself? (down heart pulled muscle mammogram)

Hi all,

I went to the ER because I was concerned about chest pain on the left
side, with aching/tingling all the way down to my left hand. After
checking my heart, the dr. said it could be a pinched nerve. I then
realized that the mammogram I had the day before might have caused it
(the procedure did sorta hurt-- "pinched") I am now taking Motrin to
relieve the ache, and will follow up with my GP.

I guess I'm wondering if a pinched nerve heals itself. And if it's
possible these symptoms could be anything else. I think I'd prefer a
pulled muscle, pinched nerve sounds more long-term!

I recently completed a lot of therapy/procedures for lifelong back
pain, and don't want to start worrying about my arm.

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2 3rd October 01:49
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Default Pinched Nerve--Does it heal itself?

I had Dr's not thinking anything was really wrong (pinched nerve)i was
an athlete before the injury so maybe I didn't look injured and was a
good little patient. A year and a half later they did an EMG that
showed how much nerve damage there was and operated within the week.
If whatever is pinching the nerve isn't fixed within a year the damage
could be permanent. within the yr is important. I only reciently was
told during the last one that EMGs only show perminent nerve damage. I
lost almost everything within a year but would have gladly traded that
to not have this blinding burning pain I have now. Your the one who
will have to live with this. don't let this happen to you. press them
to get MRI and EMG early
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3 3rd October 01:50
still dancin
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Default Pinched Nerve--Does it heal itself? (down heart pulled muscle mammogram)

Hi Mary,

IMO, a pinched nerve beats out a pulled muscle. I've had nerves un-pinch
just as spontaneously as they pinch. They do hurt like hell, though. A
pulled muscle can also be extremely painful. It usually requires a period of
non-use to heal. Soft tissue heals slowly and if you get impatient, like I
do, it can easily be reinjured.

I've been rushed into the ER on a few occasions with crushing chest pain,
shortness of breath, pain in my neck and shoulder, and down my left arm.
Classic heart attack symptoms? All the doctors thought so but the tests all
showed my heart is fine. The best explanation I've received is RSD and/or
Fibro in the chest wall cavity -- causing the muscles to spasm so bad it
looks and feels like a heart attack.

As for a mammogram, in my experience they pinch MUCH MORE than just a nerve.
They manage to pull, tug, and squeeze more skin and parts into the
"flattening" machine than I ever realized I had. I never knew that breast
tissue extends half way to the elbow .............. !!!!

Whatever you have -- hope it clears up soon.

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4 3rd October 01:50
old goat
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Default Pinched Nerve--Does it heal itself?

Hey HH,
I was curious where you got this info on a pinched nerve becoming a
permanent condition, if not caught within a certain amount of time. I never
had it mentioned to me (probably cause they took a year plus to do an EMG
on me too) and I'm curious because the first one done by an Ortho showed
nothing and he was in a hurry. The second one was done at the request of a
Neurosurgeon, took a long time and showed all kinds of nerve damage. But
that was about a year after the first one so maybe 2 1/2 yrs after the
Plus there's a young lady posting in this group that needs to know this
info before it's too late. Too late for us but if we can catch someone
before it becomes a permanent condition for them -- well that's the most
important kind of reason why we're all here.
I appreciate whatever you have on the subject, even if its heard it from
someone, who heard it from someone.
Many Thanks --og
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