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1 30th September 18:45
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Default Bleeding After a TURP Operation

Hi Derek,

I had the Turp about 2 months ago. The bleeding
you are describing is about par for the course.
I was told you can bleed up to 6 weeks, but I
didn't and I don't think you will if you avoid
heavy lifting. I would imagine the blood droplets
will cease after a couple of weeks. You really
need to take it easy for two weeks though.

I actually felt very good when I arrived home
4 days after the surgery. Not a doubt in my mind
it would have been fine for me to drive myself
home, but my sweet little wife was there and
chauffeured me to the homeplace.

I spotted my underwear now and then for a couple
of weeks after I got home. The main thing is don't lift much for at least a
couple of weeks.

One problem I ran into was the fact that I take an
aspirin each day. I stopped the aspirin therapy about
a month before the surgery. Then I resumed it a month after the surgery and
that was not a smart thing to do.
It caused me to start bleeding again, but I drank lots
of water and in a couple of days all was well.

I hope your Turp is as successful as mine. I have
to only get up once at night to urinate. At first I had
a lot of urgency when I needed to go. I still have
some after 2 months, but it is much less than it was.

Originally, there was just a little burning sensation
when I urinated, but that has long since passed.
I have a good strong stream. It seems strange to
have this strong stream after dribbling for all
those years.

I am elated! I did not get retrograde ejacualtion.
*** is just as good as it always was and it was
always good. I have no loss of feeling at all.

I hope you do as well.

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2 30th September 18:45
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Default Bleeding After a TURP Operation

driving/lifting etc when i was being pressured to have TURP which i rejected
in favour od PVP I was told definitely no driving or exertion for 3 weeks or
you could land up back in hospital with major bleeding
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3 30th September 18:45
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Default Bleeding After a TURP Operation


I guess we all have our opinions. In fact, in some
cases that's about all we've got. There is a lot
of conjecture in this discussion group about the
Turp, but it's usually by folks who haven't had one.
In fact, they wouldn't have one if there lives
depended on it.

I have had the Turp and it was very successful. I
can speak to you from experience. I don't have to
quote things I've read. I can talk about it first hand.

Don't lift heavy objects for at least two weeks.
You can tell how your body is feeling. If you are
really sore in the crotch area then don't drive until
you get better. If you are feeling ok down there,
driving won't hurt you. I had an appointment with
my doctor one week from the day I left the
hospital. 11 days after the surgery. He told me
driving myself to see him was fine. He is a very
intelligent man and has been operating on these
old prostates for years. If he says driving won't hurt,
driving won'thurt.

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4 30th September 18:45
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Default Bleeding After a TURP Operation

OK, but I'd also discuss it with your doctor (not the hospital).
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5 30th September 18:46
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Default Bleeding After a TURP Operation

Ok, you've had a lot of opinions. I had no problem driving after a
week. I was told not to do *any lifting over 10lbs for 6 weeks. Well,
feeling great at 3 weeks I thought I knew my body best. All I did was
roll a chopping block about 20 feet. Went in and had dinner, watched a
PPV movie, and at 11pm went to have a whiz after the soda I had drunk.

No whiz, nada would budge, and I was bursting at the seams. I live 45
minutes from the hospital over back roads, both dirt and otherwise. I
hurt so bad I couldn't drive. Got there and after demanding a catheter
I was finally relieved after about 20 mins at the hospital. This was
at 12:30am. They sent me home, got there at 2:00am. Went to go to bed
again and felt full and nothing going into the catheter bag. Back to
the hospital and catheter was replaced with a bigger one, sent home.
Got there at 3:45am or so, and walking up on the porch, blood and
urine was coming out *around the catheter, line was again plugged.
Went back to hospital, by ambulance this time. Re-cathetered with a
(20)? Foley, largest they had, and sent to a room for the night. I was
kept 4 days as they had to keep "purging" the catheter of clots that
wouldn't pass. Not a fun thing and after that time I wish I didn't
even have a penis. Sent home with the catheter for another week with
the bag. I now have uretha damage from the multi-catheterizations, and

All I can tell you is this. You're an adult, you either follow what
the doctor told you or you take the consequences. Wish I had...
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6 30th September 18:46
derry argue
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Default Bleeding After a TURP Operation

The above is exactly why I have consistently refused to have a TURP. I
cannot imagine not lifting anything for even a day. I've been thinking
about this recently as my PVP gets closer.

I have to lift 25kgs bags of feed daily. Lift the coal bag to get coal into
the bucket. Lift the bucket to put coal on the fire. Drive the quad a
couple of miles a day over rough terrain. Etc,, etc. On top of this, I live

TURP - no way! Guess I'm going to havew to bring the coal in one lump at a

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7 2nd October 07:47
External User
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Default Bleeding After a TURP Operation

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to thank everybody who took the trouble to reply to my post.

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