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Suicide plan. How many Temazepam required to kill myself? (depression temazepam) - Mombu the Medicine Forum
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1 29th March 19:11
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Default Suicide plan. How many Temazepam required to kill myself? (depression temazepam)

Hello Ricki.

You understandably are suffering from the the effects of depression or
PTSD. One of the side effects of Temazepam is that it could make you
more depressed or suicidal. I know too well how the NHS do not offer
adequate support for PTSD. They gave me cognitive behavioul therapy 3
months after the fatal road accident i was involved in. This was three
months too late for me.

Last year I attempted suicide 3 times, one time I was hospitalised and
another I was sectioned by the police. Sadly benzos maybe the only
medicine that will remove acute symptons of your illness for the rest
of your life, so abusing this type of drug is not wise as your doctor
may refuse to give you them in future. I took a whole pack of anti
depressants and went to hell and back. I was extremely confused coming
in and out of consciousness, I was then assessed by social services
having to justify my actions to stop myself from being locked up. This
also made it very hard for me to get any prescribed medicine classed as

"The LD50 dosage, according to the PDR, was experimentally established
somewhere around 1500-2000 mg/kg in mice and rats. If we extrapolate to
people, I (at 150 pounds) would need 136,000 mg of temazpem for a 50%
chance of lethal dosage. That's over 4500 30mg pills. "*

Maybe make a list of all the things that you want to do before you die,
then do them first then you might be ready to die. Barbituates are used
as lethal injections. But dude sometimes you dont realise until you
reach the brink of death that you do have reasons to stay.

"If you are weak, suffering will follow wherever you go. You will never
find happiness if you do not challenge your weaknesses and change from
within. Happiness is to be found in the dynaism and energy of your own
life as you struggle to overcome one obstacle after another. This is
why a person who is active and free from fear is truly happy." Daisaku

Ultimately you have to find yourself, this is a daunting task but I
recommend buddhism. But if you want to commit suicide then I have no
right to stop you and neither in my opinion does the state. But make
sure you have thought through every aspect and who it will affect
before you end your own life.

I'm facing doing a few years in prison, suffering from Loss of a
cousin, Guilt, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and taking whatever medication
the doctor gives me. But I luckily have found the desire to see what I
will be like when I come through this awful period of my life.
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