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1 25th January 05:58
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Default Valtrex - how long to take effect? (valtrex)

I have some questions about Valtrex.

I know that a lot of people take it to prevent breakouts.

I have never had a breakout but I would plan to take it to prevent
shedding when I do not have any blisters.
Does this sound feasable?

Now if I am not in a relationship, then there is no need to take
valtrex - since I do not have breakouts.

How long in advance do I need to take valtrex for it to start
preventing shedding when I have no blisters?

Of course it won't work the morning of, a day in advance? A week?

Thank you
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2 25th January 08:28
External User
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Default Valtrex - how long to take effect? (virus)

On 18 Mar 2007 17:11:18 -0700, posted:


Valtrex begins working almost immediately, and stops working as soon
as the body clears it from the system, which depends on the dosage.

I've seen anywhere from a day's head start to a week recommended, but
from what I know a couple of days is probably a pretty good margin.
Valtrex stops the virus replicating as soon as it gets to it, and
that's pretty fast. There may be some strays in the works, but the
virus doesn't move too slowly itself, so the final few will have
either clawed their way to the surface of the skin or ended up
impotent, so to speak, somewhere far, far away.

Yer Welcome.

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3 25th January 08:28
External User
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Default Valtrex - how long to take effect? (valtrex herpes asymptomatic)

Here is some Valtrex feedback if you have time:

I took it every day for two years to keep from having outbreaks.
Here is my herpes biography:

If you do not get outbreaks then you wouldn't have blisters, right?
If you are trying to prevent asymptomatic shedding then it's totally
understandable why you would want to be on suppressive therapy.
Last time I checked suppressive therapy with Valtrex reduced asymptomatic
shedding by about 95%.

Yes, that's right.
However, I am married and I do not take Valtrex unless I'm having an
That is a decision that me and my husband made together a long time ago.

But you said you don't get outbreaks so why do you think you are going to
get blisters?
If you are trying to protect your partner then I would start suppressive
therapy and I wouldn't have *** with my partner for the first couple of
But, that is just me and how I would do things if I were in your situation.
What does your partner say about all of this?
Do you know your partner's status?
Has your partner been tested for herpes and other std's?

I would wait two weeks, but that's just me.

Take care,

Angela ;-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!
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4 25th January 08:28
External User
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Default Valtrex - how long to take effect?

Yo Mike!
Be sure to check out the new Agent version. It has some pretty neat
features. i.e. "Ignore Subthread". So anyone with 4.2 could ignore
this post which automatically ignores any responses to it. Doesn't
ignore the On Topic part of the thread though.
I didn't care for 3.3 so went back to 2.0 until 4.2 came out. It's
working great. Using multiple news servers, multiple email accounts,
better crosspost management, and on and on. It's the first upgrade in
a long time I've really been enthused about.
Anyhow, haven't seen you post in awhile. Hope things are rolling well
for ya.

M2 <---- did a canoe trip yesterday. You still doing that stuff?
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5 25th January 08:28
External User
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Default Valtrex - how long to take effect?

On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 09:15:39 -0500, M2slo2cht@nospam.invalid posted:

Yo M2!!!

Only recently have I gotten myself set up to read Usenet, and even had
to search around my stuff to find my 3.3 codes. I read over all the
do***entation for 4.2 and have just been stewing about whether I need
to send Forté another $19. How many times have I already paid? Twice,
I think. I'm not even using the multiple server stuff now, as it is.

Do you know if Global searches work any faster? I'm always searching
for stuff I can't remember, and even with these moderno computers,
searching is about the same speed it was ten years ago (that I can

Good for you. LOVE and I are chomping at the bit to get out on the
water this year. Winter has been overly cold and dreary. In other
years we haven't made it out before April 15, but we've got heavy wet
suits and other new gear and we're determined to pick up the paddles
this or next week at the latest. We just want a little sunshine,
which seems to be in short supply around here.

Good to see ya, M2. How's the hurricane ravaged coast putting itself
back together?

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6 25th January 08:28
External User
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Default Valtrex - how long to take effect? (down)

M.L.S. writes:

Three for me. Starting with version 1.5.
This one, for me anyway, is worth it since I can actually use some of
the new features.

That was a biggie for me. is my primary. With them, one
needs a backup lol!

I think it's supposed to but I haven't used it enough to know. When I
do, I can usually narrow the search area down enough to make it pretty
quick. I prolly need to use it more to get my money's worth.

We had plenty yesterday. It was dang near hot. I took my new friend
down a bayou south of New Orleans and saw the usual turtles,
alligators, swamp critters, loads of fish and every kind of water bird
you can imagine. It was a perfect day for it.

Welllll..... most of the debris is removed. Riding down the beach it's
hard to tell how bad it was unless you know what was there before.
Everything's just gone. Wiped clean. Practically nothing is built back
yet. Nobody has any money. If it weren't for the volunteers from all
over the country, even the peeps further inland would all still be
living in tents.
It'll come back eventually though. Then we'll get whacked again.
That's the way it's always been. And the way it'll always be.

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7 25th January 08:28
External User
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Default Valtrex - how long to take effect? (outbreak)

Because even with a condom and the fact I never had an outbreak (as
far as I know) its not 100% that I can't transmit.

I do not have a partner at this time, thats why I was wondering how
long I need to take Valtrex in advance.
It seems pointless to take it everyday if I have *** once every two months.

2 weeks.
Ok so even if I have a date with potential coming up during the
weekend, its too late to start now?
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8 25th January 08:29
External User
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Default Valtrex - how long to take effect? (virus asymptomatic)

hmmm..... you seem to be confusing blisters and outbreaks (same thing)
with asymptomatic shedding. Which is, shedding virus without showing any symptoms (blisters).

aha... I think I see the problem. What you need is..... a crystal ball
that tells you when you gonna get lucky.... and tells you waaay ahead of time.

Maybe not. But you do know that Valtrex won't cut the risk of
transmission to zero, right?
And you are planning on discussing this whole thing with the lady of
the weekend, right? Hopefully far enough ahead of time to give her a
chance to think it over rationally? And who knows, she may have a
thing or two to spring on you too. It happens. And you may want to
mull THAT over.
Anyhow, point is, it's only fair to have it all out on the table ahead
of time. And don't count on Valtrex replacing your responsibility to
deliver the "talk".

M2 (I hope I didn't screw up your plans)
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9 25th January 08:29
External User
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Default Valtrex - how long to take effect? (herpes)

Howdy you guys!!
M2 and Mike where have you been and what have you been up to?
Has anybody heard from AR?
How is everybody doing?

Angela ;-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!
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10 25th January 08:29
External User
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Default Valtrex - how long to take effect? (herpes)

If it were me I wouldn't worry about it then. If and when the time comes and
you think you are going to have *** then start taking the Valtrex again and
wait about a week or so (just to be on the safe side) before you have ***.

You'll want to make sure to talk to your partner about your STD status and
perhaps find out what your partner's STD status is so that you can
concentrate on not picking up any more STD's if at all possible.

I think if you are wanting to be casual about *** and sort of
fly-by-the-seat of your pants then you are going to need to make an effort
to not only be open and honest about everything with your partner but find
out if they want to be just as casual as you do.

Why are you so worried about it? Sure, I realize the need to do the "what
if" because I did the same thing BUT aren't you sort of torturing yourself
doing that?


Happy St. Patrick's Day !!
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