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1 6th April 04:18
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Default Help! What is "Request to enter default" - California (divorce)

I have been going through the slowest divorce in the world. My husband
(or is it official that he is my ex now??) came buy and showed me he
got something in the mail from our lawyer. It is a copy of the Request
to enter default papers. It is dated "filed june 23 2003" and then at
the bottom of the page it is stamped "july 10, 2003". Does this mean
our divorce is final or is this just what he gets served along the way
to the divorce being final, if so how much longer is it? Our lawyer
has been asleep at the switch in processing our papers and I am so mad
I won't even speak to him anymore. I have no trouble speaking with my
(ex)husband most of the time. We have no assets or debts to divide, no
children and there is no spousal support. This has got to be the most
easy divorce in the world. Please any information would be
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2 8th April 07:37
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Default Help! What is "Request to enter default" - California

Did your husband receive other do***ents at the same time? I'm not
sure I will be correctly answering your question, but this is how it
worked for me, (San Diego County):

When I got my copy of the Request to Enter Default, I also got copies
of the Judgement, and the Notice of Entry of Judgement. All three were
stamped with January 2 as the filing date. The Judgement form stated
that the marital status was to be terminated on January 23.

I did not find out until later what this meant. Apparently, it used to
be that
the Settlement Agreement and Support Orders would take effect when
filed, but you still had to wait for the six month waiting period to
expire, before one of the parties could file for a Final Judgement of
Dissolution. According to my attorney, a procedural change now allows
you to request entry of judgement to take effect at a specified later
date. This is what happened for us.

It sounds like maybe you were officially divorced on July 10th, if I
understand your post. But my forms didn't have the date stamped at the
bottom, it was written into the text of the order.

Hope this helped.
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