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1 5th August 01:12
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Default IEP for HS Student w/dyslexia and foreign language classes

My daughter is in 10th grade, has dyslexia, but I homeschooled her for
3 1/2 years in elementary school, so she reads very well. However,
her spelling, and the grammar/punctuation, (mechanics of the English
language) are her downfall. She went to a very small private Christian
school for junior high where there were only 7 kids in her class so
she was not on an IEP and received plenty of extra help and attention
as needed and she did just fine. Now she is in the public high school
(10th grade class size of 400) and she is required to take a foreign
langauge (Spanish was her choice). At the school meeting, we decided
it was better to do a 504 plan instead of an IEP because she did not
really need the out-of-class services that much. So her plan states

at home will be checked and graded for spelling and grammar since her
computer has spell check. Her English teacher is fine with this.
However her Spanish teacher doesn't feel this should apply to her
since it is a foreign language, etc., etc.

I was wondering if any other parent has had experience doing an IEP
for a high school-age student or had dealings with a foreign language
teacher and could give me some advice. I don't know how to write
something in an IEP to cover a foreign language requirement - I feel
it should be the same as the above requirement, except there is no
spell check on her computer for Spanish. Her Spanish teacher feels
that since she isn't doing that bad (she's still making B's) then
there isn't a problem. However, the mistakes she's making are
dyslexic mistakes, and if she weren't dyslexic, she'd be making A's.
This is what I can't seem to get across to the teacher. The teacher
seems to think she should be happy with a B. We are meeting in a week
or two and having the 504 plan changed to an IEP since she has also
qualified for the gifted program.

Any advice anyone could give would really be appreciated.

Thank you,

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2 5th August 01:12
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Default IEP for HS Student w/dyslexia and foreign language classes

good luck linda please let me know what you find out....
i wish i had some advise but my son was just diagnosed (he is 10) and i'm
just learning about iep and 504 i'm supposed to meet with the school
sometime (they haven't scheduled meeting since the initial one to show them
his evaluation and testing results.
so if you have any info please share the wealth, i have no idea what
to expect. some people have no trouble others say the schools fight them
(especially public)

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3 5th August 01:13
ted rosenberg
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Default IEP for HS Student w/dyslexia and foreign language classes

I got a waiver when I was in High School (and they didn't even know what
dyslexia WAS, but I sure had it)

My youngest son got a foreign language waiver for dyslexia - AND, had no
trouble getting one in College. For some odd reason, they substituted
"C++" for his FOREIGN language requirement - BUT, since he is a computer
engineering major there was no trouble with that.
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