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1 1st April 06:15
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Default Which nasal steroid is best? (nasal dexamethasone epistaxis)

In J. Laryngol Otol 2003 Nov; 1117 pp 843 - 5
Wadell reports no significant difference between one vs the other.
He reports Beclamethasone, dexamethasone an dbudesonide as the least expensive
and claims they work as well as the more expensive ones.

Most interesting was the finding that about 17 to 23% of cortisone spray users
developed epistaxis.
BUT the placebo users got 10 - 15% epistaxis too!

The things you find in the literature. Someday I plan to read that stuff.
Murray Grossan, M.D.
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2 1st April 06:15
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Default Which nasal steroid is best? (nasal epistaxis)

On 23 Jan 2004 07:43:13 GMT, entconsult@aol.comnospam (ENTconsult)

for the med speak challenged, 'epistaxis' means NoseBleeds!
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3 1st April 19:37
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Default spaed out feeling

I get this spaced out feeling about 2or 3 hours after waking up.
It usually lasts the whole day, but can disappear very suddenly sometimes.
For some reason Ive always suspected sinus probs..though not blocked, breathing
through nose ok.
Anyone else like this...what can I do...Lucien
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4 1st April 19:38
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Default spaed out feeling (flonase)

I have exactly the same problem,along with facial pain. I never seem
to have it upon awakening. It developes between one to three hours
after. My nose is relatively clear and my sinus CT was good. I am
going to find out what it is sooner or later and will post my results
here. The ENT said to follow up with my allergist, he could not find
much to treat. He did give me some astelin and flonase, why I dont

Do you also have some dizziness? I suspect some mild vertigo as well

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5 6th April 10:30
mike oder
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Default spaed out feeling

Wow, this is exactly what happens to me too! Sometimes I feel full of
energy and clear-headed when I wake up, and feel completely out of it within
an hour. I think it results from sinus congestion, but I'm not sure. I
would be very interested in hearing whatever you find out about this.


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6 6th April 10:30
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Default spaed out feeling

Yep, me too. I get it often.

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7 6th April 10:30
don brady
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Default spaed out feeling (sinusitis)

There is no known specific link but consider also the question of which is the
cause and which is the effect.

If you are not getting enough sleep, your body's natural cortisol levels will
not be rising to proper levels and this means you are susceptible to
inflammation and infecton and a lot of other things.

Do you genrally get 8 to 9 hours sleep a night?

I have found that getting enough sleep really helps with sinusitis.

There could be some vicious circles here too, certainly.....
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8 7th April 16:53
robert & shelley
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Default spaed out feeling (asthma anxiety pollen epilepsy)

The only sense I could make of suffering the same/similar thing was that it
could be something to do with the rising/changing humidity as the day warms
up. (ok, spose ur going to tell me it's icy winter where you are living ).

I frequently have problems with humidity change affecting my
the point of real spin-outs. I get problems when going near the
refrigerated section of some supermarkets....much of my beliefs are based on
un-scientific evidence. I'd had various tests done to try find what was
causing the spin outs....epilepsy & anxiety......but I believe in hindsight
that it's all due to my sinuses.

To me, the changing weather patterns of your particular locality should be
checked out. Here in Queensland, Australia there can be pollen-laden dryer
breezes off the local hills, northerlies blowing dust & pollens from the
desert, sea breezes & southerlies blowing up some pollution from the city,
or just plain old clean sea breezes.

I also used to live in South Australia where there was not much humidity,
but there'd be frequent changing wind conditions. I had more sinus probs in
SA which is the worst place for asthma sufferers, apparently. A few people
there told me that the dust often blown around was pretty bad because of the
soil type.

I still get probs from refrigerated air-conditioned rooms & the supermarket
fridge sections, & so just avoid being "trapped" where possible.
I also had heard of "damaged sinus / airconditioner-sensitivity" many years
ago even before I realised I had such problems.

Hope this is of some help to you.

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